Crested Butte

Ladies! Come celebrate the MTB season with Womens Radical Pursuits and CB Backcountry Guides! Experience the stunning beauty and sweet singletrack Crested Butte has to offer. Spectacular views of the Gunnison Valley coupled with big climbs & fast flowy singletrack will put the biggest grin on your face and giggle in your belly as you shred long descents surrounded by breathtaking views. 

Oaxaca, Mexico


This adventure scheduled during Dia de los Muertos gives the traveler a nice contrast between authentic ‘no frills’ (backcountry MTB experience) to the comfortable luxaries of the city of Oaxaca.  It is truly a culturally diverse adventure experience that brings travelers into the heart of the land, community and diverse cultures of the locals and Zapotec Indigenous Villages.


Join Womens Radical Pursuits for this amazing trip through some of the most unique singletrack rides in the world! Experience Peruvian culture firsthand with our knowledgeable local and international guides and discover some of the worlds most amazing locations. 

Mallorca, Spain

Join Womens Radical Pursuits for this incredible trip to the Balearic island of Mallorca, Spain! Ride sweet singletrack amongst the stunning views & secluded beaches of the Mediterranean Sea!


Join Women’s Radical Pursuits for a truly EPIC Endruo Downhill Mountain Bike Adventure to Colombia, South America! Ride through ancient trails created by Indigenous tribes 500 years ago and discover the magic that lies in the mystical Colombian Andes.

Oaxaca Hiking Trips

Stressed, out of balance, disconnected from yourself, and needing an experience to bring you back to your center? Adventure to Southern Mexico to revive, recharge, and rebalance your body, mind & spirit with Womens Radical Pursuits and Coyote Aventuras. Join us for a transformative and healing adventure into the beautiful Sierra Sur Mountains and discover the magic of Oaxaca.