Create more peace, joy, and harmony in your life while supporting the education of children in Oaxaca, Mexico.



Looking to create more peace, joy, and harmony in your life while supporting the education of children in Oaxaca, Mexico? Mindful Miracle Moments is a short, sweet, and simple guide to enhancing your life through developing a Mindful Morning Practice which can help create more miracles in every moment through presence, awareness, and gratitude.

In this guide you will learn about the practice of Mindfulness, the health benefits and reasons to practice, how to develop your own personal practice, along with my personal story, insights, and experiences that led me to embark on my own Yoga & Mindfulness Journey. AND, a portion of the proceed supports the education of the children in the village of Lachatao located in the Sierra Norte Mountains of Southern Mexico.

Why support this cause?
The community school in Lachatao relies on donations to operate their school while teachers are humbly supported with food & housing. We help support students to receive necessary supplies and teachers with instructional materials and expenses. They work to preserve the Zapotec teachings, language, and way of life on top of general academics. I spent a significant amount of time in Lachatao teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to the children. Not only was it a joy to teach and share my passion; but the children and community taught me so much about their way of life through the connection to the 4 elements, (Zapotec Teachings/Rituals) to a greater spirit, and a simple way of life that brings about a beautiful sense of peace, joy, and harmony. If you decide to adventure with us during our MTB + Yoga Adventure to Oaxaca, we visit Lachatao and spend a night in their cabins so you will be able to experience this first hand and meet the children!

Myself, the teachers, the community, and the sweet children of Lachatao thank you for your support!

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