Personal Breakthrough

Amy Schweim offers Professional Coaching Services to people who are seeking more purpose, passion, and full-fillment in their lives. She works with people who have a strong desire and are willing to make a commitment to making a shift in their life and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs in order to live up to ones’ true potential. 

By helping people identify self-limiting beliefs that hold one back from making changes and taking the leap to really go for what it is they want out of life, she is able to help people ‘Breakthrough to Brilliance’ and create new self empowering beliefs that pave the way to great change. Amy also incorporates the practice of Mindfulness through her sessions. Through powerful questions and individualized strategy making, She helps people transform their life and create a life full of passion, purpose, and full-fillment. 

Amy is able to authentically help people through this process through her personal story and own experience not too long ago when she took the leap to follow her dream to start Womens Radical Pursuits.

If the idea of making a personal breakthrough appeals to you, then the reason probably has something to do with those two questions above; “What do you really want from your life?” and “What is preventing you from having it now?”

Even though you may not be able to fully answer those questions just yet, I want to commend you for having the courage to actually think about getting some assistance because the fact is, most people never take that first step. As long as you’ve made it this far, let’s take a quick look at a few of the obstacles that can easily prevent us from getting what we really want out of life and see if any of these sound familiar.

♦ Maybe you lack clarity about what it is that you really want or perhaps you haven’t discovered the underlying reason why it’s important to you.

♦ Perhaps you are missing the proven tools and strategies to get you where you want to go.

♦ Are there hidden conflicts between your emotions, desires and beliefs that are causing you to take one step forward and two steps back?

♦ Another possibility is that you simply lack the needed internal alignment to follow through on your dreams and goals.

These are just a few of the many reasons why inspired people like you come here. Whatever your particular reason might be, there is a good chance that your overall objective boils down to this.

You want to get unstuck now and . . .you want to do it on your own terms! If that is how you feel then we are already off to a good start because that is exactly what ‘Breakthrough to Brilliance Coaching’ can help you do; get unstuck and begin to life the life you dream to live!

You are one step away from changing the sails of your life.  The only thing you have to do is to decide and commit.

“What are you going to do with this one, wild and precious life my dear?” Mary Oliver