I love the moments when life just makes sense.  When time and worry fade away and I am emcompassed by pure presence, blissful joy, and a lightened playful spirit.  These moments I refer to as being ‘IN FLOW’ with whatever you call that greater spirit; be it God, Universe, or any other word that honors the life force and higher power that created the miracle of life. The times when I am most ‘IN FLOW’ are when I am up riding my bike or hiking in the mountains. There is something magical about being surrounded by beautiful majestic peaks, bright orange and purple sunrises and sunsets, millions of wildflowers surrounding me, and bluebird Colorado sunny days that helps me connect to that source energy and remember that #1 – I am a damn lucky woman to live the life I live, #2 – I am so small in light of the universe and #3 – life is short so live it to the fullest.

Another way I am able to bring myself ‘IN FLOW’ is by practicing Yoga and Meditation. My feet hit the floor in the morning and bring me straight to my mat. There isn’t one day that goes by that I don’t practice as it has become my most valued morning ritual. The stillness of thought and ‘doing’ brings me closer to my true nature and connects me to something greater within myself. What it is, I don’t know.  But I trust its’ presence, guidance, and strength in my life.

It’s so easy in our world to get taken ‘OUT OF FLOW’. The world we live in is full of distractions from work, kids, family, technology, social media, TV, entertainment, etc. It’s easy to get out of balance and disconnect from ourselves and the bigger picture. But now more than ever, it is important to bring yourself back ‘IN FLOW’. When we are at peace, joyful, happy, and loving we not only experience it for ourselves, but it positively impacts our family, friends, and the collective energy of the whole world.

It’s not always possible to get away and climb a mountain or spend a day riding miles and miles of single track but there are other ways to connect yourself daily. Sometimes you have to get creative but find a way to get yourself ‘IN FLOW’ every day and your life will begin to change as you embrace the present moment more and feel gratitude for all the little things in your life, which really.. are the big things.

If you don’t have any idea how to get yourself ‘IN FLOW’, here are a few ideas to play with.

  • Practice Yoga – Start taking classes or go to Yogaglo for online classes. If you already practice yoga, develop your own personal home practice.
  • Meditate – Even if you begin for only 1 minute a day, it’s a start!  There are tons of resources online and videos that can help you.  The benefits of meditation are transformative physically, mentally, and spiritually.  You won’t go wrong by giving it a try.  Tara Brach, BexLife Meditations, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, and Tony Robbins morning meditation are a few of my top favorites.
  • Exercise – Get your body moving and your heart pumping!  The endorphins released will help you feel energized, alert, happy, and help you get ‘IN FLOW’! Again, there are online workouts, classes at the gym, biking, dancing, basketball, swimming, martial arts – whatever floats your boat! Just do it!
  • Whole Body Breathing – Similar to meditation, this technique helps you slow down your mind, body, and spirit and connect to your inner self and greater spirit. Whole Body Breathing is healing and can enhance and deepen your meditation practice. There are books and videos on this practice also. I just ordered the book. “Breathing through the Whole Body: The Buddha’s Instructions on Integrating Mind, Body, and Breath” by Will Johnson
  • Lay down on the ground under the sky or stars and stare up at the universe.  Imagine yourself drifting away from Earth, looking down at where you came from to create perspective.  We are SO SMALL!  Now let yourself drift up into the universe and feel the same power, light, and brilliance that is in the stars and sun and recognize that it too, is in you.
  • Hug someone or do something kind!  When we offer love and generosity we are ‘IN FLOW’. It’s hard not to feel good when helping others feel loved, appreciated, and accepted.
  • Surround yourself with people you love. And cherish every second of their presence because you never know when will be the last time you will see them. Make every encounter count. We are all reflections of each other and the light within. And that light is of the universe.
  • Spend time with animals. The furry beasts of the planet are always ‘IN FLOW’ and present. Let them teach you the happiness that lies in every moment. If you don’t have an animal, go to the humane society and volunteer or help a friend with their animal!
  • Hang out with kids! Kids, like animals, live in the present, most of the time and are great examples of being ‘IN FLOW’ with the universe, enjoying life and creating joy.

Experiment and play with different ideas and things that make you feel ‘IN FLOW’ and do what works for YOU!  Just make sure you do something every day to get yourself there.  Life is short.  Don’t miss it by living in the future worrying your pretty little head off or living in the past fretting over your mistakes. Do the best with what you have here in this beautiful fleeting present moment that is asking for you to be ‘IN FLOW’. And always, be grateful.